Terms & Conditions

1. General information:

1.1 To be able to register on EliteBloggers.cz, you have to be 13 years old or older.

1.2 You have to be Czech or Slovak to make a profile on EliteBloggers.cz, or write your blog mainly in Czech or Slovak language.

1.3 Your email address has to be correct, and be a valid email address.

1.4 Name, age and gender have to be correct. Any attempts to fake this information in order to obtain better placement in the lists (e.g. list sorted by age or district) are not allowed, and will result in the blog being removed from the page.

1.5. You agree that all your personal details provided regarding  EliteBloggers.cz will be processed for the purpose of EliteBloggers.cz operation.  For this particular cause you give the explicit right to EliteBloggers.cz to process your personal (sensitive even) details in compliance with “§ 5 a § 9 zák. č. 101/2000 Sb.”, the protection of personal details, as amended: you have the right to recant your permission at any time by sending an appellate brief to the company address of EliteBloggers s.r.o..

1.6. By accepting these Terms and Conditions you grant EliteBloggers s.r.o. the right to publish and declassify all personal (sensitive even) details provided by you through EliteBloggers.cz.

  1. Restrictions:2.1 Gossipblog – a blog that is created with the goal to spread rumours, lies, gossip or generally make fun of other people, groups or businesses will not be allowed.

    2.2 Hateblog – we do not allow content that are promoting hate or violence against people based on religion, race, disabilities, gender, age or sexual orientation.

    2.3 Impersonating – a blog that is tricking readers to believe that the author is another person, or that the author seems to be representing an organization that he/she is not representing.

    2.4 Offensive content – a blog that is presenting specially offensive content regarding nudity, badly injured persons, violence and death (not limited only to these topics).

    3. Restrictions:

    3.1 It is not allowed to have more than 3 Google AdSense banners on your page at the same time. This is counted with EliteBloggers.cz banners, and personal AdSense banners together. If the blog goes over this amount, the blog will be removed from EliteBloggers.cz

    3.2 Bloggers who create and delete articles rapidly with the goal to be seen over a long time on the front page, will be removed.

    3.3. It is your responsibility to ensure that your blog’s content (meaning pictures or other files) does not violate any rights of the third parties. EliteBloggers s.r.o. is  not responsible in case you violate any rights of the third parties.

3.4 Elite Bloggers s.r.o. has the right to remove any blog from EliteBloggers.cz that is breaking any of the regulations in these Terms and Conditions.

4. Top list and payout

4.1 Blogs that are violating the Terms and Conditions lose the possibility of the payout in the present month.

4.2 Bloggers that are using automatically generated traffic to their blog will be removed, and not be a subject to payout in the present month

If you suspect any blog of violating these Terms and Conditions, send us an email to kontakt@elitebloggers.cz and we will take a look at it.