I don’t use «Blogger» or «Wordpress.org», can I sign up anyway?
No, right now the system is only connecting with Blogger and Wordpress.org. Hopefully we can add more platforms in the future.
Is it free to register on EliteBloggers.cz?
Yes, it is completely free. To register you will only have to place two ad units managed by Elite Bloggers on your blog. We really want the page to be free to use for both the readers and the bloggers, and that is why we need to have the ad units.
Why should I register on EliteBloggers.cz?
EliteBloggers.cz is a new and transparent place to promote your blog. Your new posts will show up on the front page. You will get an extra free URL-address. And your blog can be found by new readers through the top list.
How to register/what is the process?
When you register you have to provide us with some basic information. After this you will receive an email with information about the code you have to put on your blog, and about the ad units you have to add to your page. When this is done, we will have to approve the blog. After the blog is approved, it will take two days before the blog appears on the page. The reason we need you to insert the code on your blog is so we can register the amount of your visits, as well as update the information about your blog posts on our page.
Why does it take two days before the blog appears on the page?
This is because the system needs the time to go through your blog to register what articles you have there. This is to avoid that your old articles show up as new articles on the page.
I have registered but can’t find my blog on the page. Why?
Either your blog has not been approved (then you have gotten an email about it), or it has not been two days since you got approved yet. If you think none of these apply to you, send us an email to kontakt@elitebloggers.cz, and we will look into it.
Why did Elite Bloggers make this page?
Check out the article on www.elitebloggers.cz/news
If there is a blog that I think violates your Terms and Conditions, where can I report it?
Send us an email to kontakt@elitebloggers.cz, and we will take a look at it.
Can I still use my old URL-address?
Yes, your new URL that ends with “.elitebloggers.cz”, is just an extra URL that redirects you to your normal one. You don’t have to use the new URL address if you don’t want to.
Is this page only for the “top bloggers”?
The page is not just for the “top bloggers” at all. Everyone can benefit from the page. There will be more people seeing your new posts, and everyone ends up on the top list. The page is basically a place where bloggers can be seen, and where readers can find new and interesting blogs.
My number is different from other tracking systems. Why?
Every tracking system is slightly different. It has to do with what the system detect as a “real” user. Our tracking system is simply not doing anything else than counting how many unique visitors the blog has each day.
How is the top list created?
The top list is based on the amount of unique visitors from the day before. Every day at 00:00 the list gets automatically updated. You can sort the top list regarding districts and age.
How often does the top list get updated?
The top list gets updated every day at 00:00
Are the bloggers on the top list getting paid?
Yes, right now the bloggers who had the top 3 highest average placement on the list during the previous calendar-month will be paid 3000CZK, 2000CZK and 1000CZK. We hope to increase this number fast. Our goal is that in the future more bloggers will be paid each month.
What is the criteria to get paid for the placement on the top list?
We pay out according to the average placement on the list during the previous month. If you have been on 1st place for half the month, and 20th place for the rest of the month, you will be on 10th place on average. The three highest average placements at the end of the month will get paid at the moment. To be qualified for the financial reward you must have been registered for the minimum of 20 days in the month. For example, if you register the 15th you will not be eligible for the reward as you registered with only 15/16 days left of the month.
Where can I find an overview of who “won” the Top list last month?
The overview of winners can be found on the main page. Under the menu there is a line with our latest news. Here you can find who got financially rewarded in the previous months.
How can I trust that the numbers are correct?
The numbers are taken automatically from the tracking system. EliteBloggers.cz does not have the access to modify the numbers. All the blogs are using the same tracking system.
Can I delete my user from the page?
Yes you can. If so, log in, go to your profile where you can find a “delete” button.